Frequently Asked Questions


Covid19 Precautions

Whilst Covid19 remains an issue, we will no longer dispense into customers' own food containers. Dry goods will be dispensed into paper bags provided by us.


Please ensure any detergent bottles are CLEAN and free of other non-SESI products/original contents.


Please observe a safe distance from other customers in the queue and DO NOT lean onto our counter.


We will only accept card payments until further notice.


It may be necessary to limit the amount purchased by each customer.


We are not accepting donations of containers until further notice.


Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


Where can I find you?

Check the Where to Find Us page for details of our stops.

Do I have to bring my own containers?

We encourage our customers to bring their own clean containers to refill. We don't mind if they're plastic tubs, empty jam jars or old detergent bottles- the important thing is to refill and avoid new packaging.

We have a stock of paper bags in case you forget your containers- but please bear in mind the environmental impact of a single use paper bag is higher than that of a single use plastic bag! A paper bag needs to be reused at least 4 times in order to have less impact than a single use plastic bag.

We will also have, whenever possible, a stock of donated jars and bottles for our customers to use.

Important: we are only able to dispense detergents into clean, non-food/drink bottles with labels removed. This is to avoid unwanted chemical reactions, confusion over contents and potential consumption of detergents. If customers insist on using unapproved containers, they do so at their own risk.

Do you have a price list?

Please click below for our latest price list: